Head Brewer

Dušan Táborský

Mr Dušan Táborský is the guarantor of quality and the consulting expert of our company.

It is possible to arrange with him professional services in the area of implementation of production; optimisation of production; purchase of raw materials necessary for brewing; formulation of original recipes; and management of production in the brewery. Mr Táborský works simultaneously in several medium-sized breweries. He avoids large, industrial breweries where additives like Iso-Extract, or Tetrahop, are used.

Overview of acknowledgements: European Beer Star Nurnberg Golden Medal 2008 and 2009, Category: Bohemian Dark Lager; World Beer Awards 2008 UK, Category: Dark Lager.


Secondary Technical School of Foodstuffs Technologies, specialisation: Manufacture of Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Soft Drinks.


  • Vyškov Brewery - head brewer
  • Selský pivovárek Brewery, Kroměříž - guarantor and head brewer
  • Chomout Brewery, Olomouc - guarantor and head brewer
  • Prešov Brewery, Slovakia - guarantor and supervisor
  • Břeclav Brewery - head brewer
Brewer Dušan Táborský

(Languages: czech, english)