Primátor Hron světlý výčepní (PETAINER 20 l) View larger

Primator Hron Pale Lager (Petainer 20 l)

Pale lager of amber colour with medium fullness, very palatable bitterness and medium full flavour.

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The HRON is made according to preserved original interwar recipes. It is not a coincidence that the beer is named after Hron, the founder of Náchod. This historical figure's knighthood has always symbolised an example of virtue and protection of social values. And through these values - the tradition and honesty in the craft of brewing - the present-day brewers from Náchod want to profess the legacy of their ancestors and pay tribute to the history of beer brewing in Náchod that has lasted for several hundred years.
Brand Primátor
Color Pale
Beer style Lager of the Pilsner type
Alcohol (%) 5%
Fermentation (°) 12.00°
Package type Keg
Volume (l) 20 l
Total weight (kg) 21.00 kg
Quantity (pcs) 1
Type of beer Filtered
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Shelf-life (days) 180
Rate of alcohol 4.9% - 5.5% Strong
Dispense head A-type
Supplier Primátor, a. s.
Refundable deposit (€) € 0.00
Nomenclature code 22030010
ID # 804

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