Krušovice Černé (20 x 0,5 l bottled) View larger

Krusovice Black (20 x 0.5 l bottled)

Dark lager distinguished by its fullness, accentuated caramel flavour and delicate hoppy bitterness.

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This dark beer has been a traditional product of Krušovice brewery for more than a hundred years, and its production has never been interrupted. In addition to quality spring water from forests around Křivoklát and the best Saaz hops, the excellent flavour is accomplished by using special barley malt varieties - Czech, colour, caramel, and German - that give the beer its typical dark colour. This dark beer regularly wins various beer competitions, and you will never hear a word said against it by those who like special, yet refreshing beers with rich flavour. And another important thing: the beer does not contain colourants and sweeteners.
Brand Krušovice
Color Dark
Beer style Lager of the Pilsner type
Alcohol (%) 3.8%
Fermentation (°) 9.70°
Package type Bottled
Volume (l) 0.5 l
Quantity (pcs) 20
Total weight (kg) 18.10 kg
Type of beer Filtered
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Shelf-life (days) 180
Rate of alcohol 3.1 % - 4.1 % Normal
Supplier HEINEKEN Česká Republika, a. s.
Refundable deposit (€) € 2.40
Nomenclature code 22030001
ID # 565