Kanec non-filtered (6 x 1.5 l PET)

Pale lager with a slightly golden, hazy colour, thick head and balanced flavour with tender bite.

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The Kanec non-filtered pale lager is distinguished by rich colour, thick white head, balanced flavour and tender bite. The beer is non-filtered and unpasteurised. The Kanec is served in its purely natural form, which means you get so-called live beer, one that contains noble brewer's yeast. A true lager, like those made in the good old days - that’s the Kanec. This unique beer is hailed by beer experts and regular customers alike.
Brand Břeclav
Color Pale
Beer style Lager of the Pilsner type
Alcohol (%) 5%
Fermentation (°) 11.00°
Package type PET
Volume (l) 1.5 l
Total weight (kg) 9.40 kg
Quantity (pcs) 6
Type of beer Unfiltered
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Shelf-life (days) 35
Rate of alcohol 4.9% - 5.5% Strong
Supplier Zámecký pivovar Břeclav, s. r. o.
Refundable deposit (€) € 0.00
Nomenclature code 22030009
ID # 513