Pardal ECHT (10 x 0.5 l bottled)

Pale lager with full taste, strong bitterness and hoppy aroma

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Taking the best from the old well-known Pardál - its full flavour, distinctive bitterness and hop aroma, Pardál Echt is a newcomer for all beer connoisseurs who favour something strong tasting. Hundreds of Czech beer connoisseurs, who were at its origination, embellished it with a gladiatorial masculinity and accent, thus giving rise to a perfectly fine-tuned 11° beer. Just one taste and you will know what the talk is all about.

Brand Pardál
Color Pale
Beer style Lager of the Pilsner type
Alcohol (%) 4.5%
Fermentation (°) 11.30°
Package type Bottled
Volume (l) 0.5 l
Quantity (pcs) 10
Total weight (kg) 8.80 kg
Type of beer Filtered
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Shelf-life (days) 180
Rate of alcohol 4.2% - 4.8% Medium
Supplier Budějovický Budvar, n. p.
Refundable deposit (€) € 1.20
Nomenclature code 22030001
ID # 234

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